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Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips to remember for each of these three modes of transportation.


  1. Pay attention to what is around you.
  2. When crossing the street look over your shoulder as well as both ways.
  3. Make sure you are seen by drivers.
  4. Be aware of turning vehicles.
  5. Don't enter the crosswalk until you are ready to cross.
  6. Always wear bright or reflective clothing at night.
  7. And be careful not to text and walk, it could be dangerous!
  8. Face traffic when walking - Walk against traffic, not with it.


  1. Use your head, wear a helmet!
  2. Wear bright or reflective clothing to be seen.
  3. Use headlights and reflectors to be visible at night.
  4. Be predictable in your movements. Don't make cars guess.
  5. Signal before you change directions.
  6. Ride with traffic, not against traffic.


  1. Don't text and drive!
  2. Watch for bicyclists and pedestrians. Give them plenty of room.
  3. Be careful before opening your car door. Check for cyclists.
  4. When on the freeway, watch for commuting cyclists at onramps and offramps.
  5. Watch for bicyclists and pedestrians at night. They may not be easy to see.