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Meet the Icons

As you may have noticed from their radio, television, and movie theater appearances, each one of the Share the Road, Arrive Alive traffic sign icons has their own preferred mode of transportation and unique personality. And, they are concerned for your safety!

Icon of Carly

Carly is in high school, and drives everywhere in an older car her parents used to drive. Before she got her driver's license Carly would ride her bike to school, but driving provides way more freedom!

Icon of Ryder

Ryder is a college student. His preferred mode of transportation is really his surf board, but on land riding his bicycle is all he needs to safely get between classes, his job, and his apartment. He loves the fact he is saving money on gas and getting lots of exercise.

Icon of Walker

Walker drove a cab in New Jersey for most of his life, but a few years back he retired and moved to California for the warmer winters, and to be closer to his kids. He is now making up for all those years of sitting in a cab and eating fast food every day by eating healthier and walking everywhere he can. He tells his grandchildren he feels like he's 40 again!